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The Certification Body of Persons of the STC “Sich Sert” LLC confirms that:

1) the Certification Body understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities, manages conflict of interest and ensures the objectivity of its certification activities

2) the Certification Body has top management commitment to impartiality in certification activities

3) the Certification Body documents its structure, policies and procedures to manage impartiality and to ensure that the certification activities are undertaken impartially

4) the Certification Body acts impartially in relation to its applicants, candidates and certified persons

5) policies and procedures for certification of persons are fair among all applicants, candidates and certified persons

6) certification does not restrict on the grounds of undue financial or other limiting conditions, such as membership of an association or group. The Certification Body does not use procedures to unfairly impede or inhibit access by applicants and candidates

7) the Certification Body is responsible for the impartiality of its certification activities and does not allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality

8) the Certification Body identifies threats to its impartiality on an ongoing basis, including those threats that arise from its activities, from its related bodies, from its relationships, or from the relationships of its personnel

9) the Certification Body analyses, documents and eliminates or minimizes the potential conflict of interests arising from its certification activities. The Certification Body documents and be able to demonstrate how it eliminates, minimizes or manages such threats. The Certification Body covered all potential sources of conflict of interest that are identified, whether they arise from within the Certification Body, such as assigning responsibilities to personnel, or from the activities of other persons, bodies or organizations

10) the Certification Body activities are structured and managed so as to safeguard impartiality. This include balanced involvement of interested parties

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