About the company

Scientific and Technical centre "Sich Сеrt " LLC has been opened in 1995 on a base of "Motor Sich" JSC - a worldwide known and leading aviation industry enterprise of Commonwealth of Independent States (formed from the former USSR republics).

Scientific and Technical centre "Sich Сеrt" LLC has been established as an independent organization for the purpose of certification and attestation of personnel that manages or executes respective technological processes. Traditionally, in quality management systems such processes are being called special technological processes.

It this area of expertise "Sich Сеrt" LLC acts as a third party that provides independent assessment and confirmation of qualification of the personnel*.

In 1995 Scientific and Technical centre "Sich Сеrt " LLC proceed to working independently in this area and it remained as one of company's primary activities till date.

Apart from the traditional approaches in personnel training, attestation and certification there is also specialized software in use.

There is working a system of modular interactive training, attestation, and certification of personnel in the Internet environment.


In accordance with International standards ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004 special technological processes are the processes resulting products verification which requires a special approach to proceed.

Such processes are also subject to the specific requirements that must be in place, namely - confirmation of personnel qualification.

There are two groups of the special technological processes:
- processes executed for manufacture of a product;
- processes executed for quality control (analysis, testing, destructive and non-destructive quality control of products).

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